Each of us at Bollman Bridge ES bring a unique culture to our school and together we make up the BBES Culture. Let’s celebrate and experience all the cultures that make our BBES community unique. Typically, during CultureFest families contribute by bringing food or sharing a cultural activity/ information board, dressing up for a fashion show, or performing a dance or song. Of course, this year it won’t look like that. So this year we are taking CultureFest VIRTUAL!! Check out the recap below!

Did you know? BBES represents families from nearly every continent around the world! #TBT to when a few students recorded a video to encourage families to participate in CultureFest.

#FBF to CultureFest 2018. Meet Mary. She is from Burma and she is a part of what makes BBES so amazing! Want to learn more about Burma? Mary shares some fun facts in this short video. #culturefestgoesvirtual

Look at these beautiful outfits from El Salvador, Guatamala, and Nicaragua. Don’t forget to send in photos of your students dressed up or post them directly to Facebook.

Did you know? During the month of Ramadan, Muslim families fast from dawn to dusk. After breaking the fast through sunset prayers, Muslims will gather in their homes with family and friends for a meal. The final evening of Ramadan consists of a celebration called Eid al-Fitr, when the traditional month-long fast is ended with a feast.

Meet Nour. She filmed this in 3rd grade and is now in her last year at Bollman Bridge as a 5th grader.

One of the best things about CultureFest is watching the performances. Check out this dance!

BBES Culturefest Is the perfect time to dust off those family recipes! Please enjoy this contribution all the way from Lebanon!

Dressing up and putting on a fashion show is a great way to celebrate your culture. Here is Kesha who is currently in 4th grade and dressed up in a Russian outfit.

Dressing up is so much fun! #TBT to students and their families dressing up in cultural outfits, while others had an opportunity to test out new looks.

During CultureFest, we often ask that families share activities for students to do. One popular activity is practicing with chopsticks to get cotton balls into a bowl. Try this with your kids and create “training wheels” for chopsticks. Test it out!

If you’ve ever been to CultureFest in-person, you’ve probably seen a demo of how to wrap an Indian style saree or have been wrapped in one yourself! For #culturefestgoesvirtual, we are sharing a video so that you could try at home. Its one long piece of fabric that gets wrapped into a dress (a sheet could work if you are trying on your student!).

Have you ever seen a dance from Burma? Here is short clip from a performance.

Did you know that hula has been a part of the Hawaiian culture since ancient times? Here is a video of a short demonstration and directions to practice at home.

Has anyone had a chance to try a new BBES Culturefest recipe?? If you haven’t, why not take the opportunity to try this one, another delicious dish from Lebanon.

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