Parent Resources


The health and success of our children starts at home! Check out the resources below for advice and information to guide you and your child through elementary school.


HCPSS Resources:


Food and Nutrition Services: View school menus and pay for school lunches online

Enrollment and Registration: How to register your child for school

Before and After Care

Support for Families Experiencing Homelessness in Howard County – Instructional Apps: This webpage links to applications students use at school.

Report bullying online through HCPSS Sprigeo:

HCPSS uses Sprigeo, an online form to report bullying and other unsafe behaviors. Incidences that have happened to you or that you have witnessed can be reported anytime and anywhere using the Sprigeo reporting system. The intention of this reporting system is to create an ease of access for reporting bullying and to allow families to report these incidences that occur throughout the school system.

All information sent through the Sprigeo system goes directly to selected central office staff who will then send the report to our administrators through a secure online connection.

Educational Resources:


Attendance Matters: Build the habit of good attendance early!

Pre-Kindergarten Family and Community Resources

Kindergarten Family and Community Resources

Grade 1 Family and Community Resources

Grade 2 Family and Community Resources

Grade 3 Family and Community Resources

Grade 4 Family and Community Resources

Grade 5 Family and Community Resources


Parenting Help:

Parenting Tips

123 Magic and Mindset Presentation

Bye Bye Bullying Presentation